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Construction and engineering recruitment specialist

Construction and engineering recruitment specialists

Helping you build your best team

Our international recruitment agency counts engineering recruitment as one of our areas of expertise. Our in-house engineering experts have experience in renowned companies, leading large-scale projects in their areas. They know exactly what to look for to secure the qualified talent you need. 


When it comes to engineering, you need highly specialized professionals to tackle anything from the construction, infrastructure, engineering & architecture, management consulting & development of large projects. Our end-to-end recruitment team knows the skills to look for to help you get the job done.

Find your construction and engineering recruitment specialists at Mission Jobs, where we make it our mission to find the experts you need on your crew. Our recruitment and selection process is designed to thoroughly test each candidate, so you don’t have to worry about a thing when it comes to securing top talent.

The roles we offer

  • Electrical engineers specialized in power supply and generation

  • Civil engineers specialized in bridge, road building, and power supply system design and construction

Talent acquisition and recruitment
Recruitment and selection process

Top engineering talent from around the world

When you come to us for recruitment process outsourcing, we get right to work searching for the best talent from Latin America and beyond. We handle the entire talent acquisition and recruitment process with a strategic approach tailored to meet your unique set of requirements. From interviews to immigration, we cover it all so you can focus on what you do best.

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